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Norbert Schwierz


Norbert Schwierz, a Roman Catholic, was born in Antonia. In 1945 he had to flee Upper Silesia and eventually settled in Lower Bavaria (Unterrohrbach/Eggenfelden). He later moved to Düsseldorf, he is married, two children. He completed his military service at the NATO Headquarters S.H.A.P.E. in Paris, France and Casteau (Mons), Belgium. He made a career as a policeman becoming a Detective Inspector (Kriminaloberkommissar) in the CID. He is most interested in the history of his birthplace and has done extensive research on this subject over the years. He was active in German Detective's Association (Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter) and has been shop steward for a long period representing employees of the "Police President in Düsseldorf" (first direct ballot on 06.06.1984).
Founder member of the oecumenical hospice movement Düsseldorf-Süd - Caritas Hospice - (30th ob October 1996)



    Schwierz, Norbert
    "Ortschronik von Antonia (Antoniow)"
    Düsseldorf, 1998 / 2001

Professional publications in

    - Annual journal published by the "Police in Düsseldorf"
    1986: "Grandmother's story"
    (German CID recovers paintings in Düsseldorf - which were stolen     in America)
    1991: "Brilliant Coup in the Bridal Chamber"
    (scene of crime: Cairo)

    - Professional journal "der kriminalist":
    March 1997: Heraldry - proves useful to track down
    stolen property.

Bösken, Clemens-Peter
   Local Court Judge

   Crime stories from hundred years, page 115/16.
   (Murder of R. in February 1977.
   Perpetrator identification in the pawnshop)
   Published by Grupello Verlag, Düsseldorf, 1997/1998/2004


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